5 Pack Cartridge Bundle Silvers + Free Product





You can request ceramic cartridges, and I can fill them if I have the ceramic version in stock.

*Heavy metal tested

*Resistant to leaking / clogging.

*Full flavor profile, inhale to exhale.

*5% of all sales will be donated to https://farmland.org/donate/.

Each product is an average ($1.37) donated. This is on our behalf at ZERO extra cost to you. We greatly appreciate it.

*Donations are sent to our nation’s produce and hemp farmers.

We want to make sure our heroes who work day in and day out are taken care of, those who provide the ability for us to create these amazing products for our community.

We switched over to using ACS Laboratories for 3rd party testing.

We switched over to using ACS Laboratories for 3rd party testing.


ACS laboratories is an ISO 17025 accredited lab. which means their standards encompass the principles of quality management systems.

*3rd Party Tested for residual solvents, Lead/Heavy metals.

*Prices change often due to small batch variance. Don’t worry, our pricing changes according to our manufacturers pricing.

*Our delta 8 products are 100% derived from hemp and federally legal. Triangle Trading Company produces all of their products in a licensed and sterile facility located in Sarasota FL.

*Quality sourced terpenes for smoothness and flavor. #Terpsmatter.

*CDT – Cannabis Derived Terpenes, Cannabis Terpenes compared to Botanical Terpenes are monumentally more expensive to source, They are also batch specific, which means when there isn’t an available harvest, there isn’t available terpenes.


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